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Why yes I do have a fat!

Why yes I do have a fat!

DaD If only..

why couldn’t you just be like everyone else dad, why does my family have to be the family that doesn’t function normally, all those father and son days for school you were never there I grew up wondering who my dad was, why hurt mum so much but hurt me and tessa more by leaving. Every night I think to my self am i the reason you left? the pain of not knowing you is bearable but the pain of knowing i’ll never have a normal life will haunt me until the day I die. Why must I keep telling myself it’s okay he obviously didn’t want you so why want him? but dad I relly want you I wish you were here for me when I needed you the most but even more so when you didn’t take tessa to maccas for her second birthday like you promised! why dad? you were suppose to be there to teach me how to ride a bike, to teach me how to fish and swim. why weren’t you there for me dad, the hardest part is trying to decide wether i ever want to meet you after the pain you put me through why? I just wish i had the chance to go back in time and fix your mistakes so maybe you would still be here with us and be a  happy family but I don’t think that will ever happen… Dad you left my life in a mess that now i have to live with for the rest of my life…..

This made me laugh because me and my mate did this.

This made me laugh because me and my mate did this.


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:( why can’t I find a guy

:( why can’t I find a guy


Tumblr for girls, A place for them to express them selves

Tumblr for guys, PORN PORN PORN PORN PORN 

any one horny and has skype? willing to compare, wank? haha 17.m.aus?

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all by myself :(